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Why You Need A Food Diary In Order To Lose Weight


Losing weight is a challenge for many people; both men and women. Some people drop those pounds very quickly but for others, it isn’t so easy. There are persons who simply cut the junk food and lose weight in no time. Some other persons try several diet plans but to no avail.

Sometimes there are people with health complications that affect their weight and it hinders the process of losing weight. The general consensus when it comes to weight loss is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. Some experts may say that you need a calorie deficit in your diet in order to speed up your fat loss. But the question now is, how exactly do you keep track of the calories you intake? One solution is to start a food diary.

Keeping a food diary helps you track what you eat on a daily basis. What it does is that it allows you to create a food schedule to assist you in your weight loss goals. The key here is that you need proper nutrition and to receive that, you need to eat healthy foods on a regular basis. By taking note of what you eat, you will see when you may have slipped off track and it will allow you to get back to where you need to be.

Keeping a food diary or journal creates an awareness of what you eat during the day. When you are busy and on the go, it can pose as a challenge to keep track of the number of calories you intake. You may eat a donut or drink a sugary drink but keeping a food diary helps you to monitor what you have eaten at the end of the day. Having this awareness will help you to make better choices another day.

Would you consider yourself a healthy eater right now? Does your body have a hefty intake of all the nutrients that it needs on a daily basis? Are you eating your fruits and vegetables in proper portions? Writing what you eat in a journal or diary will make you more accountable for what you eat daily. Writing what you eat daily makes you aware of what your diet is made up of. Personal trainers and nutritionists may suggest keeping track of macronutrients and you cannot do that unless you record what you consume.

Do you know what a proper portion size is supposed to be for your fitness goals? If you know that information, recording what you eat can prove to be an excellent way of controlling the portions of food that you eat.

To conclude, keeping a food diary will help you to analyze what types of food you are not eating enough of and which ones you eat too much of. It will give you a sense of awareness to decipher what nutrients may be lacking. Sometimes people tend to take supplements to make up for what they lack in food. Food diaries tend to make you accountable to yourself about what you eat and how much you eat. It will definitely help you to keep focused on your weight loss goals.


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