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The Pros And Cons Of Fast Weight Loss


Everyone desires that perfect weight and shape, but quite a few get the perfect results after their weight loss efforts. We live in a world where we want to see instant results in everything we do. This explains why every weight loss product or diet plan that promises fast results gets all the attention from everyone in search of the magic weight loss formula.     

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While losing weight fast may not be such a bad idea, it is important you know the advantages and disadvantages of getting these fast results to help you decide if they are best for you and your overall health and wellbeing. In this post, we will look at the major pros and cons of fast weight loss.     

The Pros 

1.Motivates you to keep going     

While the fast weight loss may not always mean you are losing any fats, it will at least make you believe you are on the right track and with more efforts, you will certainly get back in shape. This motivation is a key factor in any weight loss program because, without it, you may want to give up all too soon.

2.No strenuous workouts    

With weight loss programs that offer fast results, you may never need to visit any gym or exhaust yourself on some very tasking workout before you see the results you desire.

3.Saves you time    

Weight loss diets that offer fast results ensure you don’t waste most of your productive time fixing any special weight loss diets as they have it all planned out for you.

4.Boosts your self-esteem    

Even if the boost is for a while, the fact that you look more attractive can help you feel more comfortable in your own skin when you have a date or an important event coming up.

5.Instant results    

If instant results are what you are after, you may get them from fast weight loss programs and fad diets, but the focus should be on whether the results are sustainable or not.    

The cons     

1.Erratic results     

One common thing with most weight loss diet plans that promise fast results is that their results are not sustainable, which means you can gain back the weight faster than you lost it.

2.Eating disorders  

Fast weight loss often comes with eating disorders that end up introducing a number of complicated health problems.     


Most diet plans that promise instant results can restrict you to some unhealthy food choices. This will make your body lose lots of nutrients and expose you to nutritional deficiencies. 

4.Lossing the wrong kind of weight    

Every healthy weight loss program should focus on burning excess fat and stop the storage of these fats in the body. When you lose weight too fast through some fad diets, you only end up losing water and muscle mass.     

5.Slowed metabolism     

Your body needs the right kind of nutrients to function adequately. Fast weight loss programs slow down your body’s metabolic processes by denying the body healthy fats, carbo, and other healthy nutrients.     

Any weight loss diet plan that does not incorporate a healthy exercise regimen that allows the body to burn fat slowly and steadily is not a healthy weight loss. Any weight you lose too fast will come back faster than you lost them. To make your weight loss plans work and enjoy all the health benefits of weight loss, eat the right foods and make sure you exercise daily.

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