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6 Simple Exercises For Perfect Summer Body


The summer is closer, the time is for us to bring the body into shape.

Image by out_of_it_88 from Pixabay

Summer is nearing us and the time has come when campaign practitioners have to cuddle their sleeves. There is no woman who does not want to look attractive on the beach or on the terrace of the restaurant. If we give up unhealthy meals and get training at least three times a week, it can be a miracle until the summer. And all this without excessive shock to the body.

Exercise workflow allows the body to get used to changes and ensures long-term workouts without injury.

Special attention must be paid to regulating eating habits, and when one goes off with a healthy lifestyle, one understands that everyone has paid off.

Be brave!

Here are some exercises that will bring your muscles back into shape and run the bloodstream and the respiratory system, which is an ideal combination for maintaining good health. Do your training three times a week.

Exercise sequence: Exercise one by one, every 15-20 reps, by putting each exercise 1 (low jump in place) for the 1-minute duration. All repeat three times.

In the second week of exercise, everything remains the same, but exercise 1 takes 2 minutes. It’s a little harder!

Exercise 1

Starting position: upright position.

Exercise Description: Make a low jump in place.

Exercise function: Activating the whole body.

Exercise 2

Starting position: Lie on the back of the bent knees.

Exercise Description: Lift the hips from the floor.

Exercise function: formation of gluteal musculature.

Exercise 3

Starting position: Sit bent knees and rest on the palms behind the body.

Exercise Description: Lift the hips from the floor by elbowing the elbows.

Exercise function: strengthening the triceps (outer side of the upper arm muscles).

Image by DanaTentis from Pixabay

Exercise 4

Starting position: Set to use for hands.

Exercise Description: Make the rotation of the trotter with extension and handshake.

Exercise function: strengthening the body muscles.

Exercise 5

Starting position: sit and grab your knees to your chest.

Description of exercise: stretch the body and return to the starting position without touching the back and legs.

Exercise function: strengthening the abdominal musculature.

Exercise 6

Starting position: Sit in a turkish seat and hold it with dumbbells.

Exercise Description: Fix the elbows and flex the forearm with rotation.

Exercise function: shaping biceps and shoulder muscles.

The key to each exercise is constancy. Exercises must be performed in the recommended number of training and repetitions. After a short time, you will want to increase the number of training sessions and the number of repetitions because your body will look for more and do not be surprised when you understand it.

All these exercises have various variations that we will introduce you to one of the following articles. You can also do research on this subject yourself and see that you have limitless possibilities, only what can stop you is your will. Therefore, remember yourself in the best summer edition and start exercising, you will surely be happy with the results and the new Instagram photos.

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