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10 Steps For Beautiful Butt For The Summer


A beautiful, shaped and firm butt is a dream of every woman. And while mother nature prizes some with beautiful and prominent attributes, others will still have to do a little work to make them this summer a major magnet on the beach. But with some quality exercises and little effort, almost every woman can be a proud owner of a perfectly shaped and sexy butt.

All you need is a regular exercise and the result will surely not be missed. Apart from your buttocks, you will notice exercise results in nearby body parts such as thighs, belly, and abdomen. This brings us to a better shape of the body, making the buttocks more prominent and beautiful.

When we talk about the buttocks, we speak of 3 different muscles: gluteus medius, gluteus maximus, and gluteus minimus. These muscles occupy most of the muscle mass of our body.

The M. gluteus maximus or the big muscle of the buttocks is a powerful antigravitational muscle that starts with the cross bone and from the back of the pelvic bone, goes down and catches underneath the large crown of the thigh bone from the back. The muscle is the most powerful stretch of the leg in the hip joints and rotator of the forearm to the outside. It is important to climb the stairs and lower the body to the sitting position.

The gluteus medius or middle muscle of the buttocks begins from the frontal part of the pelvic bone. His bundles collect and bind to the upper trunk of the high trunk. The muscle moves the hip in the hip joints (abducts): the front bundles swing the hip and swell the thigh inwards, while the backs thrust the hip and swing the thigh outward. The weakness of this muscle causes a bumpy stroke.

The smallest muscle of the buttocks (gluteus minimus) starts from the pelvic bones, but lower than the gluteus medius, and binds to the upper part of the thigh bone. Its function is abduction and internal rotation of the abdomen.

Like the best bite fixation exercise, the squat has been shown to be the most affected gluteus maximus, while climbing and climbing on the bench or platform step is better for gluteus medius and minimus. But for a better effect, it is necessary to combine as many different exercises as possible to help muscles from different angles. Below, we bring you several exercises that you can have your backside like a fitness model for the summer.


Simple and basic exercise to lift your ass is certainly a deep squat. Stand upright and spread your legs wider than shoulder width, turn your fingers outward, and the load on the shoulders. To make the exercise even more effective, take the chin and hold it at the chest height. Lower your back to the ground and slowly return to the starting position. The backs must be straight through the whole movement.

2. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Stand upright with the medicine ball in your hands. From this position slightly raise one foot backward (slightly bent), while at the same time moving your hands to the feet of the standing leg, until the raised leg and the body are near to the right angle with respect to the standing leg. Stand your leg firmly as you lower it down. The emphasis must be on the gluteus contraction in the final position of the exercise. Instead of medicine as a probe in this exercise, dumplings, chirps or plate weights can also be used.

3. Lunges with Dumbbells

Stand in parallel with slightly spaced feet and take the dumbbells in your arms. Swing your right leg forward, raise the last fifth, and lower your knee to the floor. Return to the initial position and repeat the same with the other foot. Keep your back all the time standing upright.

4. Single leg hip thrusts

Stand on one foot and shoulders to a raise (plio box, bench or something). The leg with which you are relying on the elevation must be bent, while the other leg is stretched and slightly raised from the bench. Lower your chickens and butt off below the level of the surface with your shoulders and one leg. From this position, you lift the hips up and counter the gluteus in the end position of the exercise. Then you return to the initial position until the butt ends a few inches above the floor and repeats the movement. Advanced exercisers can work with this fitness exercise with some of the fitness equipment (Bulgarian bag, medicine).

5. Bridge with swiss Exercise ball

From lying on your back, bang your feet and put feet into the middle of the pilates ball. Spread the hips and lower back while the legs and body do not come in the same line. Return to the starting position. The hands are stretched out in front of the body.

6. Glute Hyperextension

Although we practice this exercise mainly for the lower part of the back, with a little modification it can also help in fixing the buttocks. Get on the hypertension bench, put your hands on your chest, round your back and lower your chin on your chest. Slide down slightly (30 degrees in relation to your feet) and lift slightly until your legs and body reach the plane. Advanced exercisers can also work with exercise (pancreas, dumbbell, medicine).

7. Lateral band walk

Lateral band walk is one of the best exercises you will hit the gluteus medius. In order for this exercise to be effective, it is necessary to choose an elastic tire that suits your condition level. Put the rubber around both feet slightly below your knees. Spread the legs in the width of your shoulders and lower yourself into the lower back. Take the sideways. Make sure your knees are always in the same plane and do not move vertically.

8. Single leg stability ball Glute Cabel Kickback

Lie on the pilates ball, so your hips are on the ball, and your hands are resting on the floor. Hold one foot on the cord while the other leg’s feet are on the floor. Take 1m-1.5m away from the appliance. Keep the wedge fixed, knead slightly bend and push the heel to the ceiling holding the hips firmly on the ball so there is no rotation. At the end of the movement, contort the gluteus and slowly return to the starting position.

9. Bent knee donkey kicks

From a quadrant position, lift up one upper leg to the horizontal position and lower the lower leg so that the angle between the upper and lower leg is 90 degrees. From this position push the heel to the ceiling, perform the first 10-15 reps in this position. Then, move the legs outward (laterally) and repeat the movement 10-15 times at just another angle. Perform the last 10-15 repetitions by moving the leg towards the inside (median). Always point the gluteus contraction at the end of the movement.

10. Side lying Clam

Place the elastic band slightly above your knees, lean on your hip and bent knees. Put one hand under your head, the other on your side. From this position, you open your knee so that the feet always stay connected. Repeat the same with your other foot.

Now you know everything you need to have perfectly shaped butt for the summer. Now, close your laptop and start your first butt exercise!

No pain, just pleasure!!!

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