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7 Reasons Why We Can’t Trust Celebrities About Weight Loss


A lot of fuss is being made nowadays about celebrities and their ability to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. Most of them claim to lead a normal life without food limitations or daily exercises. Are, however, those claims true enough? Well, not really! Here are 7 reasons why we can’t trust celebrities about weight loss.

  1. They have lots of money

Most celebrities have a large amount of money to spend on looking great. That enables them to hire expert trainers from a very early age, along with expensive exercise equipment or subscriptions to exclusive gyms. There are also, various examples of celebrities who engaged in some type of surgery in order to remove fatty parts of their bodies.

2. They follow a strict nutrition

They may claim otherwise, but let’s be honest: all those models, show hosts, athletes and actors follow a really strict and pre-organized daily dietary plan to keep in shape. Apart from healthy foods, celebrities also, have access to natural compounds and foods, unknown to ordinary people that possess weight loss capacities. The personal chefs and maids celebrities usually have under their roof are also, there to prepare something healthy when they feel hungry. That way they avoid grabbing some junk food or eating something processed when they are in a hurry.

3. They purchase chemical supplements

Supplements capable of suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism and removing fats from the body are present on the market nowadays. Celebrities are usual suspects of receiving such supplements in order to lose weight more quickly. However, in the long run, those chemically based compounds can harm their bodies and deteriorate their overall health.

4. It is against nature to lose weight quickly

Although many celebrities claim that they have managed to lose weight too quickly, that is actually something that is totally against nature. Our body is not capable of getting involved in sudden changes. When we suddenly see a pregnant woman lose the pounds of the pregnancy in a few days literally, then we should know that this isn’t normal and the woman has actually undertaken some type of surgery or really strict program that’s not healthy.

5. Much false advertising exists among celebrities

When we talk about celebrities, we know that everything is not as it seems at first glance. That being said, there are celebrities who try to engage women to lose weight fast by using specific products or services. Those famous personas usually support their statements on lies or misleading ideas in order to trap their fans and followers in purchasing something that will not actually work well for them in the end. Particularly when we talk about weight loss, which is a sensitive issue for both men and women, it is quite easy to fall victim to lying celebrities and deceptive advertising companies.

6. The use of photoshop has been increased considerably

The power of photoshop has been proved throughout the last years. In reality, each year, the whole business behind photoshop gains all the more popularity. Celebrities are among the very first users of tools and apps that make their body look slimmer and firmer than it actually is. Therefore, even if we hear about quick weight loss or if we follow some celebrities via their social media and observe some impressive changes in their look, we should not be too quick in accepting the whole situation as being true.

7. Celebrities usually exaggerate

Even when a celebrity loses those extra pounds quickly, it is possible that he exaggerates over the actual amount of weight he lost and the duration of time he needed to achieve that. False publicity plays also, its unique role in deceiving the rest of us about the life of celebrities. Impressive changes in a famous person’s body, like weight gain or loss, are among the first and most catchy titles a magazine or TV show can present to its audience. Celebrities usually exploit that situation in order to become further famous and they exaggerate in their announcements and statements just for this reason.

Although a lot of fuss is being made concerning weight loss and celebrities, we should always have in mind that this category of people is unfortunately not the most trustworthy and credible source concerning this issue. Therefore, we should not really pay much attention to their telling.

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