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5 Tricks To Loss Weight Fast


If you’ve definitely decided to lose weight, like many people who decide on this step, I believe that it’s not a problem to change your eating habits or introduce some new exercises to improve the results, but we always come to the same problem, the changes come slowly and painfully. And of course, you want to speed up the process of losing weight because waiting for the real and long term results that are visible on the scales is not fun.

So why not supercharge your weight loss plan? Okay, now we come to the fun part. There are simple changes you can make to your daily routine and to the eating habits that will help you eat less, burn more calories and keep your weight loss program on track. And with your diet in hyperdrive, you’ll get the results you want and deserve in less time.

Let“s go!

1 .Cut Meals in Half

No time to count calories? Who has it? I believe you are not a movie or music superstar with a bunch of assistants running around for you and bringing you a special diet with the right amount of calories. No problem! We have a simple solution to this problem that everyone can apply. Just cut off most of the meals and snacks in half. This is easy, believe me. You will eat less and quickly reduce excess pounds.

Which items should you cut in half? Keep full-scale vegetable and fruit parts. But lower your starches (like potatoes, bread, and rice), your protein (usually meat), and your sweeteners in half. Very often these items are too big. By cutting them in half, you are probably serving yourself the right size of portion for quick weight loss.

2. Ban Juice in Smoothies

We all are but fans of smoothies and healthy low-calorie fruit or vegetable smoothie can be a good meal substitute or mid-day snack. We encourage you to gain the habit of making and drinking smoothies every day. Many dieters use them to lose weight and you should also but they’ll help you lose weight faster if you don’t use juice when you make them.

Fruit juices add calories and sugar to your blended drinks. Unfortunately, juice doesn’t provide a lot of benefits to your weight loss plan. Whole fruit, however, is better for your diet. You’ll get flavor, texture and the benefit of important nutrients when you add whole fruit. And the fiber in whole fruit helps you to eat less and slim down.

So how do you blend your creamy drink without juice? Just add water and a little bit of ice. You won’t miss the juice, and your body will thank you for leaving the calories behind.

3. Multitask During Workouts

Any good weight loss program with diet control should also include an exercise plan. Without these two components, there is no long-term sustained weight loss. Cardio workouts to burn fat, stretching exercises to boost flexibility and strength training to shape a tight body are all important. But who has time to do all that work?

With a little bit of gym savvy, you can do it all at the same time. When you’re at the health club, skip the weight training machines and the cardio equipment. Instead, head to the gym floor and do full body weight exercises instead. Movements like the walking lunge increase your heart rate to burn fat, tighten and tone the lower body and even increase the range of motion in your hips and thighs.

When you don’t waste time moving from machine to machine, you can do a few extra exercises and burn more fat in less time. Body weight exercises are also easy to do at home. So there’s never a reason to skip your workout if you can’t get to the gym.

4. Just Say No to the Elevator

Forget that there is a lift in your building or at work. The climbing stairs burns mega calories quickly and efficiently. The best part is that it is also a quick and effective way to get a beautiful butt and slim legs without going to the gym and spending money on gym memberships. And this should not be tedious and overwhelming. We do not say that you only need to use the stairs every day.

Instead, just climb a few stairs here and there during your daily activities. Skip the elevator at work, avoid moving stairs at a shopping mall, and make an extra effort when you are at home. You burn almost 10 calories per minute when you walk down the stairs. Your total number can reach one hundred calories or more during the day. This simple trick can help you lose extra pounds or even more pounds every week.

5. Stop drinking alcohol (sometimes)

We all like to drink alcohol at least on special occasions and that’s fine, but we usually exaggerate. For our health, it is better to sometimes stop drinking alcohol during a certain period of the year. You may not want to give up alcohol completely, but if you can stop drinking for a few weeks, you will notice the difference in weight and overall condition of the body. There are many different weight loss benefits that you will enjoy if you go sober.

First, if you drink water instead of wine, cocktail or something else, you will significantly reduce calorie intake. One glass of wine provides about 125 calories or more. If you do not drink, you will probably eat less food as it is natural to eat at least some snacks while we drink alcohol.

And finally, you’re more likely to keep the exercise plan on the right track if you do not have to cope with headaches and exhaustion after the morning.

Then the end result? Less diet slip-ups and faster weight loss results.

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