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5 Easy Workouts For Women


Do you have a desire to look good?

I think every woman has this desire to look attractive in every outfit she is wearing. A woman has to play many roles in her life and look perfect while doing it. Usually, when you look good, you ultimately gain confidence within yourselves, and with that confidence, you will be able to perform any task at its best.

So, keeping this point in mind here are 5 easy workouts to lose weight fast for women which will provide a perfect body shape:      

Clap pushups    

Because these are harder than normal pushups, you don’t have to do as many. For women workout, get on your knees and put your hands in a pushup position. Lower your face/nose down to the ground and push up as hard as you can. You want to explode up to the point where you can clap your hands together (obviously without falling face first to the ground). Since you’re on your knees, this shouldn’t be a problem. Do one rep like this. Rest 15 seconds. Do another rep. Keep going like this for a total of 10 reps in however long it takes you to do these.    

Superset bodyweight squats with long jumps    

Ok, this is a 2 part exercise. First, you do a long jump. Yes, there’s no rule that you can’t do them in your home. It’s not just for kids in gym class. Once you land, go immediately into a bodyweight squat. After you do the squat, do another long jump. Keep repeating this over and over until 3 minutes are up.    

Jumping rope

Jump rope helps with eye-hand coordination, hand and foot agility. Apart from that, it’s also a total body workout that helps build endurance. Improving endurance means you’ll perform well in other sports. It’s the easiest workout to do, and you don’t need to go to the gym.    

Exercises for Legs    

Step Up: using a step up exercise to firm your legs by simply using a stairwell, or any sturdy flat object like a stool, chair, or bench.  Forward Lunges: There are different types of body weight lunges you can perform and increase the level of difficulties. Another excellent exercise for your legs is the forward lunges; where you take a long step or lunge forward with your left leg and then squat until the back knee (of your right leg) almost touches the ground.  Side Lunges is another great exercise to work the legs and butt. For side lunges, for example, you perform the step or lunge to the right side, then squat, push yourself back to the beginning position and take a side step to the left, and then repeat.   

Ab Exercises

Variations of pike is a great ab exercise for women on the exercise ball. It involves putting your feet up on the ball and getting into a pushup position. This will require some upper body strength and stabilization, but that is also what makes it a better overall exercise. One method is to get into this position and then bring your knees to your chest rolling the ball towards you. Once you crunch yourself into this position, then extend yourself back into the starting position. This is a fantastic exercise for the lower abs.    

These are some of the best weight loss exercises for women of any age or condition to engage in. They are considered the best because they are very easy, effective and fun.

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