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10 Best Sex Positions For Lose Weight Fast


Most people will find it challenging to spare their time for road works or gym. However, doing exercise is not the only way of losing weight. So, what if you are given an opportunity between going for a run at 6 am or spending some intimate with your partner? Can you imagine that morning cold and rain?

No! There is no choice for going out! It’s time to bring your gym to in the bedroom and do it in a different style. Therefore, is sex an excellent fat burner? And what position is better to help you burn calories? If you want the best way to burn off your calories without having to hit the gym, this post reveals the quickest ‘sex workout moves’ guaranteed to get you and/or your partner in the right shape. They are comprehensive positions and can be performed by any couple who want to lose weight.    

Best Sex Position To Lose Weight Fast:   

1.Bridge Pose   

Although this may be seen as tedious sex position, surprisingly, it is one of the best sex position to lose weight. It doubles up as a workout for muscles around your buttons, legs, and feet. The bridge position is commonly demanding for women. They perform it by holding with their arms and legs while keeping their bodies parallel to the bed.    

2.Dog Style    

Dog style is the most popular sex position which is well to stimulate box sexes immediately. Dog style activates the pelvic floor and core muscles in women and can also increase mobility, tighten up the abs as well as increasing the heart rate in men, making it the best exercise you can ever do to burn calories.    

3. Standing    

Doing sex in a standing position will demand both of you to work hard to brace your core along with supporting your weight and your partner’s. You will need to move many muscles compared when you would both lying down.    

4. Missionary Position    

This is another well-known sex position to the whole of humankind. It is beneficial for butt muscles in men when they clinch the butt muscles during sex. For women, the missionary position helps them in core muscles as this position makes them do more pelvic lifting rather than their lower backs. However, this position is a fantastic workout for men.    

5.The Squat Position    

This position gives a woman a great way to use her bum, thighs and core muscles to build up a sweat. Moreover, to get a man more involving, a woman can occasionally consider hooking arms underneath his legs and letting him pick her up in the ‘standing position.’ This results in increased heart rate and sweat plus deep penetration will maximize pleasure.     

6. Cowgirl Position (for women)    

This position is done when the lower part of her legs are braced on the bed which activates her core muscles and bum. This is one of the quick weight loss that is also great for mobilizing the spine and pelvis.    

7. Shoulder Stand    

This position gives another great way to burn calories, and it works well on a soft, supporting surface. It is performed by having him grabbing your ankles and pulling your legs up over his head. Support your body to the ground with your arms pressing against the floor and helping him getting your hips and legs upwards. This style is beneficial on women’s thighs as well as core muscles. For men, it will help burn but calories.    

8. The Plow    

In this position, the woman lies on her stomach on the bed with her hips touching the edge. Then she gets to support herself by resting on her elbows with her guy standing between her thighs. Besides being great for deep penetration, this position involves both man and a woman to sweat and burn fats in thighs and buts.    

9. Get on Top    

This position works best for both a man and a woman as it involves both of you working hard to get pleasure hence increasing your heart rate and sweat.    

10. Lunge    

This position also gives both partners the best way to exercise and improve flexibility. This position involves her being on top of him with one leg ahead of him and the other leg being extended behind her. Lunge position gives butts, quads and core muscles a good exercise.

So, you know what you have to do?! Make love and enjoy!

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